• Open letter

    Posted Tue at 7:51 AM by Wayne Malcolm

    Dear and precious family,   I greet you in the sovereign name of our Lord Jesus. I’m just writing to testify of God’s amazing grace. He is a good God and mighty to save.   A month ago, I spent most of my mental energy negotiating a tension between what was happening interna...

  • Here are just 3 simple examples of how the Top 1% think differe

    Posted Mon at 8:21 PM by Kim Bacchus

    They understand their business growth can only reflect the quality of their thinking. So they deliberately invest time and money on improving and challenging how they think.   They focus on improvement not activity. They work at cause not the effect of their performance.   Th...

  • Tick Tock

    Posted Mon at 8:05 PM by Kim Bacchus

    Time is so precious. If you want to be successful in life you need to be spending more time being productive and doing things that are moving you forward. Spending hours a day watching TV, playing computer games, or surfing the Internet is not productive time usage. We all need downtime but you need...

  • Talking to yourself again!!

    Posted July 20 by Kim Bacchus

    Simply put Self-Talk is the running dialogue in your head. It's the words you use to describe the experiences in your life.   It's the words you use when you have challenges. It's the words you use when you're speaking to others. You must realize the power your words command and then choose ...

  • Taking Charge of your Life

    Posted July 20 by Kim Bacchus

    Each morning when you get up, you can either ask yourself, "I wonder what my day will bring," or "What do I choose to bring to my day?" The choice is yours.

  • Book Launch - Diary of a Desperate Mother

    Posted July 7 by Fredericka Charles

      "Overwhelmed and desperate for a remedy that would help  her son, Fredericka tried, it seems everything to help him.  She revisits this seemingly hopeless chapter of her life in  the confidence that it would help someone". Book signing Thursday 24 July a...

  • How are you?

    Posted July 4 by Fredericka Charles

    Dear Lord how are you?  What can I do for you today?  What can I give to today?   Around 2 months ago I was praying and asking God to allow this to happen and that to happen so I can do all I need to do to be who He designed me to be. etc etc etc.  You know the prayers.  T...

  • 12 reasons why new business fails

    Posted July 4 by Wayne Malcolm

    12 reasons why a business fails! By Bishop Wayne Malcolm     1. The E-Myth - entrepreneurial mythology is the basis for many business startups. The most common is that technical skill is a good reason to go into business. This idea is a myth. The skills needed to fix cars are entirely ...

  • Dairy of a Desperate Mother - Eczema and Allergies

    Posted June 30 by Fredericka Charles

    SCREAM!!! My book 'Diary of a Desperate Mother - Eczema and Allergies' is now available to order from the Fast Print website. I am so excited and grateful for strength to do all things through my Lord.                         &...

  • Diary of a Desperate Mother

    Posted June 27 by Fredericka Charles

    Today my book is going to print.  It has been 3 and-a-half years in process, but it is finished.  I have been through an excellent, life changing lesson that little by little, bit by bit and step by step it will happen if you want it to.  Take a step everyday towards your dream and ma...